Suicidal Tendencies

("Now he's gone and joined the stupid club"
- Cobain's mother, Wendy O'Connor....)

Comic Cobain

....referring to Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Brian Jones. "I told him not to join that stupid club." (But he did anyway).

In August 1992, Kurt Cobain's troubles made headlines for the first time when reports of Courtney Love's use of heroin during her pregnancy was published by "Vanity Fair". As a result of subsequent media attention, Love and Cobain's custody of their new-born Frances Bean was revoked. A month later, their custody of the girl was regained after a long and taxing battle with children's services in Los Angeles. On March 23, 1993, a Family Court in L.A. ruled that children's services stop its supervision of Love and Cobain's child-rearing practices. But soon, more troubles began to surface.

On the Scene On May 2, Cobain came back to their Seattle home shaking, flushed and dazed. Love called the police. According to a police report, Cobain had taken a large dose of heroin. Exactly a month later, Love summoned the police again apparently over arguments she and Cobain had over the guns in the house. (Cobain later told a source that it was their fighting over his drug use.) Cobain was booked for domestic assault. A Beretta .380 handgun, a Taurus .38 handgun and a Colt semiautomatic rifle were confiscated from his home. (Cobain picked up the guns a few months later.).

On the morning of July 23, Love found Cobain unconscious in the bathroom of the New York Hotel they were staying. He had overdosed again. Soon Nirvana began a series of tour in the U.S. and Europe.

On March 6, 1994, while on tour in Rome, Cobain fell into a coma in the five-star Excelsior Hotel. It was revealed that some 50 doses of Rohypnol, a valium-like prescription drug, were found in his stomach. He awoke from his coma 20 hours later. He was discharged from the hospital 3 days later. They then returned to Seattle. He denied that the Rome incident was a suicide attempt.L

On March 18, Love called the police to report that Cobain had locked himself in a room with a .38-caliber revolver and was threatening to kill himself. Police confiscated that gun and a bottle of unidentified pills that Cobain had on him. The 3 weapons (which were confiscated earlier) and 25 boxes of ammunition found in the house were all confiscated. Police classified the case as "volatile situation with the threat of suicide".

Soon Cobain's family, bandmates and management company began talking to intervention counsellors about treating Cobain's increasing heroin and psychological problems. On March 25, after a gruelling confrontation by his friends and bandmates, Cobain finally agreed to enter a detox program in L.A.. But he backed out in the last minute. He stayed in Seattle for 5 more days before agreeing to go to L.A. for treatment. Before leaving, he approached his longtime friend Dylan Carlson to ask for a gun. Cobain told him that there were trespassers on his Madrona property. Heads

They then headed to a gun shop and spent about $300 on a six-pound Remington Model 11 20-gauge shotgun and a box of ammunition under Carlson's name. Cobain paid the $300. Carlson offered to safe keep the shotgun till Cobain returned from L.A., but he rejected persistently. Police believed that he brought the weapon home and stashed it in a closet.

On March 31, Cobain Checked into the Exodus Recovery Center, in the Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital, in Marina del Ray, California. On April 1, Cobain told Love over the phone - "Courtney, no matter what happens, I want you to know that you made a really good record. Just remember, no matter what, I love you." That was the last time they spoke. At 7:25 p.m. the same day, he escaped from the center by scaling a six-foot brick wall surrounding the center's patio. He then headed back to Seattle.

Cobain arrived in Seattle in the early morning of April 2. He returned to his Madrona home where he found his daughter's former nanny, Michael DeWitt who later described that Cobain looked ill and acted weirdly. It was reported that he was driven to a gun shop to buy shotgun shells (a receipt for the ammo was later found at Cobain's house). It was believed that he spent time with some junkie friends and visited his second home in Carnation, Washington. On April 3, Cobain's mother Wendy O'Connor filed a missing-person's report.

Shades Sometime on or before the afternoon of April 5, 1994, Cobain barricaded himself in the room above the garage of his Seattle home by propping a stool against the door. Evidence on the scene suggested that he removed his hunter's cap which he wore when he didn't want people to recognise him, and dug into the cigar box that contained his drug stash. He wrote a one-page note in red ink. Addressing to "Boddah", his childhood imaginary friend, Cobain spoke of the great empty hole he felt had opened inside, turning him into a "miserable, self-destructive death rocker." He also expressed his terror that Frances Bean's life would turn out like his own. Calling Love "a goddess of a wife who sweats ambition and empathy," he implored her to "please keep going" for their child's sake.

Cobain apparently tossed his wallet on the floor, which was open to his Washington driver's license. It was believed that this was to help police indentify him. Kurt Cobain drew a chair up to the window, sat down, took some more drugs, pressed the barrel of the 20-gauge shotgun to his head and - evidently using his thumb - pulled the trigger. He was 27.

Two and a half days later, on April 8, 1994, shortly before 9 a.m., Gary Smith, an electrician installing a security system in the house, found Kurt Cobain's body with the shotgun laying across his chest. Medical-examiner's report revealed that a high concentration of heroin and traces of Valium were found in Cobain's bloodstream. He was indentifiable only by his fingerprints.

It was no coincidence that Kurt Cobain chose to end his life in the same style as others in his family did. In 1979, Cobain's great-uncle, Burle Cobain, commited suicide by a gunshot to his abdomen. 5 years later, Burle's brother Kenneth Cobain killed himself with a gunshot to the head. There were rumours that other relatives and ancestors also commited suicide - making to the legend that Courtney Love referred to as the Cobain curse.

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